Ecuador Travel

Ecuador Travel


Ecuador Travel Ecuador Travel From the highlands of the snow covered mountains of Los Andes, to the marvelous beaches of the coast of the Pacific Ocean, to the exotic mysteries of the rainforest and the Magic that evolves the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is the place that you should visit if you are a naturalistic lover Ecuador Travel Located in the northwest of South America, latitude 0o, this small piece of land covers one of the most diverse fauna and flora resources as well as a geography.

Ecuador is the country that has more Natural Protected Reserves than any other, Ecuador Travel despites the small territory. Besides the all the nature treasures that Ecuador has, their people is rich in heritage and in traditions.

Ecuadorians are very kind and gentle as well as friendly, and you will always feel the warm welcome of our people, Ecuador Travel we also are rich on the diversity of cultures and traditions from every region and ethnic group, as they will show you on their folklore and cuisine.

Ecuador is also very known worldwide for the handicrafts such as the "Panama hat" Ecuador Travel, ponchos, leather, rugs, jewelry (in silver & gold), ceramics, colonial and modern paintings. Ecuador Travel Discover with us the beautiful diversity of Galapagos, enjoy the magnificence of Los Andes, the magic of the Rainforest and the sunny beaches of the Pacific coast, all these magic spots in just one place, Ecuador.

Ecuador Travel offers to all people around the world know that an earthly paradise has areas climaticas variables and more than 20 culturas different in each one.